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Today I use the scratch method to compose a message. For example: New music to hear. (That’s the scratch, new music. Then I share a word or insight.) New music for me at least. Our Savior’s encountered from Aitkin a singing quartet and the Johnson Chicks (polka music) from the Palisade area. Worship was upbeat. 

New Bible series – a walk thru the scriptures is the focus – ten key Bible themes next 9 months. Right now 15 participants. The group is delightful, curious and upbeat. 

New sermons. Old ones never do. On November 10 Pastor Amanda from Trinity Lutheran Cass Lake will preach at OSLC. I will preach in her pulpit, Cass Lake. The OSLC Women’s Thank-Offering service is that day, and OSLC women thought this one up. Upbeat these gals are! Nice. 

The OSLC Bazaar isn’t new and it didn’t disappoint. Great turn out. Upbeat all around. I baked a pecan pie. Fun to contribute and be part of the picture that welcomes in the fall. 

So that’s how I start. I scratch. Hummingbirds gone. Boo-hoo. Reminds me Halloween soon. Car-trunk and treats I recommend for October 31. Here’s how it works: use the church parking lot for Halloween-Car-Alley. Invite the neighborhood over to pass by and see our decorated cars trunks/pickups to bless and treat the youngsters who might pass thru. If kept upbeat and not too scary, a new tradition might start. Let me know if you’re if you’re game for this. 

Scratch an idea. See who’s reading. That’s how this column works. One scratch at a time. Leaves are falling. Nature walks. Highway clean up, this October 4. Men’s Breakfast the same day. 

Hunter’s Weekend not far off. Thanksgiving too. Play a game. Try this: suggest each new turkey you see along the way, don’t swear, care. Pump the brakes. Count the pumps. Like when I leave from home, signaling Barbara: I love her. I pump 1, 2, & 3. She sees this every morning. 

New shingles are up at our home. Now for the siding. This summer’s hail was not nice to us. Summer also saw us, Barbara and me, serve shrimp a few times, easy, quick, don’t always have to reinvent the meal plan. Shared with friends and new acquaintances. At church we see the same. Jesus taught the same, bread and wine, body and blood. A simple plan. For insiders the meal-plan reveals real life, real awareness of God in and around us. The Lord’s Supper means a future hope is given to us. His meal promises both forgiveness of sins and more friends to make. Bread and wine. Upbeat. Positive. So good to us the Lord is. 

Scratch marks. Stewardship. Thanks to all who made the church Bazaar fun and possible. Thanks to council members for leadership this past season. New elections coming up at the Annual Meeting, October 13. Please read the church’s annual report and attend the meeting. 

My next column will start with: New kidney for Tim, one less for Beth. Dear Friends, these two thank OSLC for prayers. We lifted their names in worship. The texted me assuring us they are doing well. Days following surgery he states he feels warmer now with a new kidney than he has for two years. Wow. Praise God for medicine and new advances in that ministry. Ministries, prayers, friendships, passions … think on these things. 


Welcome to fall,

Pastor Peter 










Grounded in Faith and Growing to Serve -- We are an Offering.

The title of this month’s article comes from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Stewardship Committee. The Stewardship Committee is inviting every committee, member, and friend of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church to celebrate how the people in our neighborhood are an offering to both God and community. I appreciated learning the coming year’s thrust and can echo the team: We will be stressing, as a congregation thru 2020, the good gifts found around us.

By visiting members in their homes since April, I have learned many things. The first is, church members are certainly taking great care of their properties. They also take good care of their neighbors; that is, they look out for each other. Unlike many places I’ve been, OSLC members can name people who live next to them. This is not the norm in small town America.

Living, having fun, making friends, building up lives to care for both earth and neighborhood are major in God’s eye. That we give back to God and neighborhood for the blessings we know, this is certainly part of practicing good stewardship.

Let us change focus for a moment:

Summer temperatures, globally and locally, have been growing increasingly worse the past decade. Perhaps a lot longer. Hundreds of sources can be sited stressing weather conditions aren’t improving for earth anytime soon.Coastal Americans, for example, are seen beginning to relocate more inland; to the upper mid-west as example.  Whether a person Google’s or fact-finds at the library, everyone can find commentary on Global Warming. Finding information to pass forward is an offering. Doing homework is an offering. Number-crunching is an offering.

Regardless a person’s position on Global Warming, faithful stewardship begins at home. Throughout my lifetime, for example, as with many readers of this article, care for the earth has been ongoing both in religious contexts and society’s special interest groups for a long time. Being about caring is an offering. 4-H Clubs still  remind young people to care for society and planet (one might still catch this at Minnesota’s State Fair if 4-H still hosts a booth). 4-H is a great offering to the world.  Teaches civic responsibilities all can afford. Senior citizen groups are an offering. The volunteer Fire Department is an offering. So many offerings in ourcommunities. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts still teach care for the earth; on camping trips adults say, “Be sure to leave the place cleaner than when you first found it.”

To preach is an offering. Countless sermons, articles, poems, television specials, demonstrations by Green- Peace activists and other entities have all preached care for the earth. A low-grade fever in a person is a warning sign that something is off biologically. A high-grade fever is a serious matter and often requires hospitalization. This year’s record-breaking temperatures worldwide, and data to prove icecaps melting at a record of 100 times faster than forecasted a decade ago, this and more suggests the planet has a high-grade temperature at the preset time. What hospital can we send Earth to? The prayer hospital. The being more mindful hospital. The one who offers to care even more than yesterday.

Such an offering. These offerings do exist in Outing. Praise God. Thank God. 


Peace to you,

Pastor Peter




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