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Pollinator Garden comes to life with the Creation Care Team....


and a
wildflower garden!

Lighting update........


Tall job, long ladder ...
changing bulbs 

Church & Grounds 
Clean-up/Adopt a Highway
fall date will be posted
.......... - 9 a.m. 

Our new Lecturn, Altar and Baptismal Font . . . . . .


Parking Lot - 5 Year Plan

Parking Lot Fund - Donations to this project can be by cash, check or credit card.  The Property Committee has been looking at the parking lot to determine its condition and remaining life.  The Property Team members are sealing the cracks in an attempt to prevent further deterioration. It is evident that some areas are already failing. In anticipation of major repair or replacement being needed in about 5 years, the committee has recommended to the council that a five-year plan be undertaken to be able to have the needed funds in five years. The plan is to establish a Parking Lot Reserve Fund with the combination of budgeted funds each year and individual contributions to reach a goal of $50,000 over five years.

Contact Dick for more info. 

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